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The Ridiculously Long Flowchart To Help You Choose A Video Game

The Ridiculously Long Flowchart to Help You Choose a Video Game

"How to Pick the Perfect Video Game" Infographic. Trying to decide on a game? Use this handy gaming flow chart.

Lutece twins by barleytwins.tumblr.com

“ without the sinner, what need is there for a redeemer? without sin, what grace has forgiveness?

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! No, you don't understand how hard this made me laugh! =]  read it though about five times....did you laugh harder each time? 'cause i sure did

Bioshock Players Will Know

BioShock Infinite Players Will Know. Like, really Elizabeth? The ending I couldn't handle though, I fell in love with Booker and I couldn't accept what happened :p

The world that the children made by *pandatails on deviantART Bioshock Little Sister

"The world that the children made" by *pandatails on deviantART- Bioshock Little Sister with Big Daddy Doll

Detail of the cover painting used for the first Bioshock game showing the tunnels of Rapture

Surreal and Imaginary Landscapes - Detail of the cover painting used for the first Bioshock game showing the tunnels of Rapture

bioshock wall art <3

Robert Lutece from Bioshock Infinite wall hanging "Lives. Will Live," quote. ((Would like this on double doors of my game room))

In 'Biochock Infinite's Uncomfortable Relationship with Racism', Marcus Estrada speaks about the game's usage of racism, and how it works for (and against) Infinite.  http://www.gamepodunk.com/_/analysis-opinions/bioshock-infinites-uncomfortable-relationship-with-racism-r2561

Join the Vox Populi! Irrational Games Announces E-Book Prequel to BioShock Infinite

Time rots everything… #bioshock #Infinite

'Time rots everything…' and yet she is still Elizabeth, she didn't really change. Innocent, Hardened, Femme Fatale Elizabeth: but she always stayed the same, trying to right the wrongs her father caused.