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(mending por SerenityRose em Flickr) Da série “Corações” Helê


Broken Heart with Repair Work, art illustration, stitched art. I want something like this with ravens coming out of the arteries and the word nevermore through it.

monólogo sobre o desamor.

love drawing Illustration art Black and White sad Cool creepy heart depressing Broken heart Tattoo Flash Art ~A. My love life😥😓😥😓

followthecolours victor octaviano 010 #tattoofriday   Victor Octaviano

Victor Octaviano: um dos mais renomados tatuadores do estilo aquarelado (watercolor tattoos

Marynn - http://www.blckdmnds.com/as-ilustracoes-inocentes-de-marynn/#

As ilustrações inocentes de Marynn

French graphic design student, Marynn, is based in Nantes and have a curiosity led by the search of realism. You can see that in her simple yet graphic style using black and white pencil with subtle touch of colors. I especially like her portraits series.

Henn Kim é uma ilustradora que cria imagens conceituais, minimalistas e repletas de significado, que envolvem ácidas críticas à sociedade contemporânea.

Conheça Henn Kim e suas ilustrações em P&B repletas de subjetividade

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Hand Drawn Rotoscoping Gifs and Other Animation Experiments by Matthias Brown gifs animation