The traditional wedding cake goes hand in glove with the white wedding gown and other traditional symbols of purity. Here are classic wedding cake pictures for the perfect white wedding.

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Age of Reason by Rosebud Cakes. Tiered cake decorated with edible fondant and white chocolate decoration. A real show stopper.

LOVE Wedding Cake

LOVE Wedding Cake by The Clever Little Cupcake Company. This gold cake is so pretty! I'd love to throw a Valentine's Day party where something like this made an appearance, but I can only afford an iron pyrite cake.

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The eight tiered wedding cake made by Fiona Cairns for Prince William and Kate Middleton in the Picture Gallery of Buckingham Palace. Photo from AFP/Getty Images.

Wow! I love the paper thin (gumpaste?) bride and the curly trees. I prob wouldn't put the grosgrain ribbon under.

Beautiful Cake Pictures: Pale Blue Wedding Cake With Ribbons And Pearls: Blue Cakes, Cakes with Pearls, Wedding Cakes

A cake for Amelie~ This is a cake to celebrate the birth of my 2nd granddaughter Amelie Iris who was born on September 1st on her mum Zoe's birthday! Amelie was 5 weeks early and so was Zoe who is my daughter ! The cake has a white rabbit on to represent the Tradition of saying "white rabbit, white rabbit" as soon as you wake up on the morning of the 1st of the month!  The cake is inspired by my Pip studios hand towel! and the wonderful work of Rob Ryan!

Pink cake with white appliqués and white rabbit cake topper // bunny cake top // woodland animals birthday cake for girls (or boys!) gorgeous baby shower cake too

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a simple, classic wedding cake. the pearls on top look a little silly, but it's such a beautiful cake, perfect more my wedding day!