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I am currently in the market for a sugar buddy if anyone would like to volunteer

I mean, I quite like sparkling water but it is also the most misleading name of all time.

I fucking hate sparkling water but it’s gorgeous to look at

I am not depressed let's get that straight <<<< Feliz Navidad. We sang that at the Angel Band Assembly in Kindergarten!

I'm so glad they put this into words. this movie broke so many barriers and I'm liVING for more movies from these creators

ptsd support help faith in humanity restored wonder woman showed great humanity love female director really nailed this movie !

c1w4VUW.png (480×471)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA sometimes, certain things are just the way they are, without any specific reason, remember that

Or we could use roller skates. 4 times as many weels bitch fight me

and bi people use roller skates? <— yes, and asexual people get hover boards << Pans get go karts