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Веерный попугай из лесов Амазонии.  Оперение на затылке и задней части головы состоит из подвижных удлинённых перьев тёмно-карминового цвета. Эти перья попугай в раздражённом состоянии может поднимать точно воротник.

the red-fan parrot, deroptyus accipitrinus, also known as the hawk-headed parrot. the only member of its genus

Golden-browed Chlorophonia

Golden-browed Chlorophonia (Chlorophonia callophrys) is a species of bird in the Fringillidae family. It is found in Costa Rica and Panama. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.

Fig Parrot | Double-eyed Fig-parrot (Cyclopsitta diophthalma) A pair were perched ...

Double-eyed fig parrot (Cyclopsitta diophthalma), also known as the blue-faced fig parrot, red-faced fig parrot, dwarf fig parrot, and the two-eyed fig parrot.

Green Broadbill - Photo by Mike Gillam - Adult feeding young - Location: Phang Nga Province, Thailand

Green Broadbill (Calyptomena viridis) from Asia feeding young.



Mating Ritual: The James's Flamingo (Phoenicoparrus jamesi), also known as the Puna Flamingo, is a South American flamingo, named for Harry Berkeley James...

Mating Ritual: James's Flamingo by szeke Flamingos at Nakuru by uzi yachin Flight of the firebirds! by rainbinder Lesser Flamingo flock by rainbinder A wall of pink!

Cacatúa Alba(Blanca)

Cacatúa Alba(Blanca)

https://flic.kr/p/e17BCv | #832 小綠仰展  Up to Free | 188 x 67 cm  Dear Flickr friends, you are very welcome to hear  some of my piano composition .  綠繡眼.攝於台灣 台北市 Japanese White-eye, taken at Taipei City, TAIWAN

Beautiful Bird Photography 如如美學 / John & Fish Gallery 台北市 大直 Mingshui Road Taipei Taiwan Japanese White-eye, taken at Taipei City, TAIWAN

~Macaw (Arara), Brazil | The House of Beccaria

Blue-and-gold Macaw

Blue-and-yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna) at Jurong Bird Park: This Macaw breeds in forest (especially varzea, but also in open sections of Terra Firme) and woodland of tropical South America from Trinidad and Venezuela

Esto me lo salto sin mirar.

Criadero Yaco on

Esto me lo salto sin mirar.

Sweet! A tiny blue bird perched on the very top of a small branch. Bird watching when older

A tiny blue bird perched on the very top of a small branch. Bird watching when older

Natureza & Emoções

The Australian Ringneck (Barnardius zonarius) is a parrot native to Australia. Except for extreme tropical and highland areas, the species has adapted to all conditions. It can be found in eucalypt woodlands and eucalypt-lined watercourses.