"When asked about her black Chanel sunglasses...'It just makes me feel better to have them on.'" - #Mademoiselle

Chanel Sunglasses- Bijou Glasses Eyewear From Chanel

"When asked about her black Chanel sunglasses.'It just makes me feel better to have them on.

Chanel Sunglasses <3

Chanel Sunglasses <3

I had these and left them in a Restaurant called they said they had them but when I arrived they could not be found;

Michael Kors Sunglasses, MICHAEL KORS MK6027 TABITHA III | macys.com

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Michael Kors Polarized Sunglasses, Tabitha III - Sunglasses by Sunglass Hut - Handbags & Accessories - Macy's

Urbn sunglasses by reva

Overview: * Plastic * Wipe clean * Imported * &inw, &inh * Web exclusive Description: Sleek oversized sunglasses with translucent flat-top frames and leopard-printed detailing at the front.

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