1927 Born in Nagano Prefecture 1952 Graduated from the department of literature of Meiji University 1957 Became the 24th head priest of Gesshô-ji Temple 1960 Built a kiln at Gesshô-ji Temple Studied ancient Chinese, Korean, and Japanese pottery and made facsimiles of such items; researched Neriage technique and made trial items 1967 Studied under Tamura Kôichi, receiving guidance in Neriage technique 1971 Became a member of Japan Crafts Society 1974 “Kôsei Matsui Tôji Sakuhinshû” (Cer...

Matsui Kôsei, Japan

Matsui Kosei - Small neriage conical vase with marbleized gray, beige and white colored clays, ca.

Taller Escola de Ceràmica Ramon Fort

Taller Escola de Ceràmica Ramon Fort - great texture - bark like - like the styling on Goree

Tadashi Ito vase 14a

Touching Stone Japanese pottery, ceramics, & sumi-e Gallery. Likely to be by Tadashi Ito

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