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So true. If I leave show choir without being sore, I know I didn't work hard enough.

Thanks to Dance... so totally me!

Thanks to Dance. so totally me i hate wearing my hair down and I always wear high and tight ponytails or buns

Thanks to dance, I know around, leg, twirl, spin, disengage, melt and a variety of other somewhat useless French vocab :)

Thanks to dance I will say a French dance term and my friends will be like "piro-wut?

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Thanks to Dance : I find myself unintentionally marking steps in public

I can't remember last years dance choreography in my mind but when the music comes on I remember it instantly.

“Hearing a Song from an Old Number and Feeling the Adrenaline Coming Back" Dancer's Nostalgia & Musical Memories

Thanks to Dance...

totally did this during dance tonight! my shins were killing me & my legs felt like jelly.best showmanship ever--STILL.

Thanks To Dance I Mentally Choreograph Every Song On My iPod!  Get some new dance attire or take some dance lessons at Loretta's in Keego Harbor, MI!  If you'd like more information just give us a call at (248) 738-9496 or visit our website www.lorettasdanceboutique.com.

Thanks To Dance I Mentally Choreograph Every Song On My iPod or on the radio

hahahahahahhaa dying!!!! @Brianna Wheeler @Kimberly Zehr Olayo

things dancers never say! only people that have NEVER experienced dance would say that

We are our worst critic:

Dance Problems

Not "That was a nice jump!" More like "ewww my back foot wasnt pointed hard enough"<< or "Eww I look so cringey. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT BACK FOOT?