O novo filme da DC Estúdios sobre a amazona guerreira Mulher Maravilha está cada vez mais próximo da estreia, e pra dar uma aumentada de leve na antecipação, duas novas imagens surgiram na internet. O filme que pode finalmente desempacar a má sorte dos estúdios da DC com a crítica (agora vai?) ganhou duas novas …

Mulher Maravilha - Novas imagens do filmes são divulgadas!

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“I often think that there is a Wonder Woman in every woman, may she be Mother or Wife or Sister or Daughter. When the time is right, this inner Wonder Woman emerges to ensure: Dignity, Fairness, Justice and Respect.


BATMAN V SUPERMAN - Batman Armor, Costume, Weapon, and Prop Photos!

Wonder Woman (2017) Deutscher Titel:	Wonder Woman Originaltitel:	Wonder Woman Produktion:	USA (2017) Deutschlandstart:	15. Juni 2017

Gal Gadot Debuts First 'Wonder Woman' Movie Poster!: Photo Gal Gadot has debuted the first poster for her upcoming movie Wonder Woman! The actress is expected to make an appearance at 2016 Comic-Con this weekend…

New Wonder Woman Trailer coming tomorrow!  Pic released by @gal_gadot  #ComicsAndCoffee

Wonder Woman - why did it take Hollywood so long to let us see a mainstream superhero movie with a female lead. I thought this KICKED ASS and hope the movie moguls count their cash, learn their lessons and make more great female-fronted films like it


Wonder Woman has been an idol for every little girl who has ever taken interest in superhero comics. Like Batman, Superman and the other superheroes, Wonder Woman is recognised even by those who haven’t picked up a comic book in their lives.