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1 pinner wrote, "this picture just makes my heart smile! I think of my wee baby twin great grand daughters who just blessed our family with their entrance.

How sweet is this? - Kelley Ryden Photography

21 Pictures of Baby Friendship That Will Make You Melt

is this not the most precious thing you've ever seen. look at the pure love and joy on those faces. this is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

Gota do this with one of Mor Far's truck

Love this little boy in the truck! Reminds me of my little boy who just wanted to grow up to be a "diggerman". So sweet to capture this when they fit in the Tonka truck!

Sibling Halloween Costumes

Adorable Halloween costumes: Big Brother is a football player, baby brother is the football. --- Cute idea, Isaiah as a football player and Zoey as a cheerleader

Feliz dia

the cutest face Baby's first Christmas Love this picture idea for a little boy BABY!

Multiples - NHance Photography. I can't handle the sweetness of this!

Terrence// the babies boys were born at in the morning. They each weighed 5 lbs. I say I'm the hospital bed playing with them in their crib.

Newborn [AFTERTHOUGHT: You laugh at baby erections because it's like, "What can you do with that? What can you do with that? You can't do anything! Look at how you cry! Who wants you? That baby girl next to your crib cannot walk yet! Did she sneak into your crib? No, she didn't! Because your pee-pee is as tiny as a pencil, and shorter than an eraser; but oh so pink!"]

I will teach the baby jazz hands just so this picture can happen

Lol awwww :-)

this is too cute, use mommy's blue cowboy boots from mommy and daddy's wedding! -- how are you just gonna put your baby in a boot like that?


Ohhhh, Lauren Valentine, you MUST take this pic of your sweet babies! I may go into my twins' room and make them snuggle like this just for the picture.Nevermind that they're lo voglio pure io.


Pictures of Cute Babies and Lovely Kids Wallpapers. Get the sweet kiss of this baby Girl - UHHHH So sweet! Baby Kiss Picture to make you s.