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Such a beautiful, if wary face....

Girl With Green Eyes 2 by David Lazar. Taken in Putia, Bangladesh, this portrait features a young lady's green eyes. She is wearing a traditional Bangladeshi textile around her head and shoulders.


Old woman Photo and caption by Jean-Michel BAUD They explained she was 120 years. Location: Hmong village on the Mekong river- Near Luang Prabang - Laos STUNNING!


Pictures of beautiful people all ages all around the world and countries. I love love love LOVE the emotion behind this child face! We could all use a little more joy in our lives.


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.oh my

from another pinner----Fotografía de Andrea Scabini, en Mauritania. What an adorable little child !


kayapo girl with traditional body paintings and hair cut, brazil. It's amazing to see other cultures keep their traditions. Beautiful little girl.

Freckles and green eyes. a story waiting to be told Hair: red copper Eyes: green Skin: light freckled Age: teen


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homeless child

Send Aid to Help South Sudanese Famine Victims

Bulgarian traditional costume on a beautiful young maiden

Bulgarian traditional costume on a beautiful young girl. Bulgaria, the rose country. Come to me and I give thee tulips from my country!


from Niger © Timothy Allen