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Rare Pics Of The Infamous '50s London Girl Gang Are Unbelievably Cool

Photo by Ken Russell - January 1955 The last of the Teddy Girls Pat Wilson posing with umbrella aloft TopFoto/Ken Russell

Ken Russell remembers the eddy Girls...  “She had attitude by the truckload... They were tough, these kids... They were proud. They knew their worth.” They emerged in England as post-war austerity was ending & workingclass teens were able to afford good clothes... By the mid 1950s, second-hand Edwardian suits were readily available in markets -- they had become unwearable by the upper-class once the Teddy Boys had started sporting them. Several of Russell's great photos are at the click

Photo by Ken Russell - January 1955 Pat Wiles and Iris Thornton wearing coolie hats.

Love the attitude.  Not sure how old this photo is...but I like it.  The girl in the leopard dress throws me as far as era. What do you think?

Its pay weekend so grab your besties and go cause some trouble. We’re taking inspiration from some key badass girl gangs.

vintage everyday: 17 Interesting Pictures of Teddy Girls in London from the 1950s

Adore these supremely cinemagraphic photos of Teddy girls by photographer and film director Ken Russell. Before he went on to direct epic c.

Teddy Girls, London, 1955

Tough Threads: Taking Tips from Teddy Girls -

teddy girls - british style, created by working class working people / adopted mens wear that had an Edwardian flavor: longer jackets

Faux fur wolf hat / hood with ears animal spirit by WhiteWoof

I could use this for my little red riding hip garb! Whitewoof Luna fur fleece wolf hat with scarf and pockets

Ken Russell's Teddy Girls essay

Cool Cats and Tom Boys: Ken Russell’s ‘The Last of the Teddy Girls’. Rose Price and admirers in matching polka dot clutch bag and gloves.

London’s Underground Rockabilly Scene — Vantage — Medium... Yip I will be there one day!

London’s Underground Rockabilly Scene

London’s Underground Rockabilly Scene – Pixel Magazine – Medium

17 Vintage Pictures Of Dapper British Teddy Boys And Girls

But they looked good doing it.

These well-dressed teenager of the and were inspired by the styles of the Edwardian dandies. In addition to looking fine as hell, they were early converts to the gospel of rock and

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3 Ways to Find Writing Inspiration in Images

Too many milkshakes the quiet hum of a diner late at night // this is incredibly familiar, looks like my summer

Mono Negative

Who Were the Teddy Girls?

Ken Russell, born in is also an accomplished photographer as evidenced by this fascinating series of photographs in which he documents the gangs of girls hanging out in the streets of London during the