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Wild fantasies about how it was.... and how it could have been. I'm sure it makes for a great novel but it has little basis in reality.

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Dear life, please stop.

Dear life, I have a complete grasp on the fact that you are not fair. So please stop teaching me that lesson.

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Stop bullying

"Stop making people feel bad for liking things that make them happy." I don't have time for these people in my life and I've done a really good job removing them :)

Some people are here to teach you a lesson.

I have to remember this.you taught me to not have shady friends!


If it's not making you better, it isn't love. True love makes you more of who you are, not less. - Mandy Hale (If thats the case i think i must only be capable of 'loving' myself. I always lose who i am in the place of girlfriend or lover.

Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace. - Confucius.

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andy warhol says

Don't let them win.. just move on.

If you are bitter, they got the best of you. Don't let them win. Just move on.

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There are all types of girls. With all types of personalities & that's what makes us all unique. But most girls can agree that if we are in a relationship we want to feel absolutely loved.

There are two types of pains, one that hurts you and the other that changes you. Choose to let every pain change you even if it hurts you.

On the mossy turf we'll dance till   our feet shatter, our toes will splinter..

INFP- And in noticing, my later reaction may be to shut people out. Oh well.