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Un equipo de investigadores europeos ha analizado la respuesta inmunitaria de las hormigas. Los resultados sorprenden por la importancia de la comunidad y por la similitud de los mecanismos moleculares con los vertebrados. + info: http://www.ecoapuntes.com.ar/2012/04/las-hormigas-se-lamen-unas-a-otras-para-curarse/

Don't let ants hang around your garden.

Aprenda a transformar 50 objetos sem utilidade em soluções práticas para o seu dia-a-dia.

50 formas criativas de reaproveitar velhos objetos

Aprenda a transformar 50 objetos sem utilidade em soluções práticas para o seu dia-a-dia.

A single brief therapy session for adults with a lifelong debilitating spider phobia resulted in lasting changes to the brain's response to fear.

Touching tarantulas: Overcoming phobias with brief therapy

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earth-song: “ Rainbow Frog - an object of worship in India. Hundreds of people flock every day to the house of Reggie Kumar in India, to pray and ask for miracles. Frog shimmered white when Reggie.

Lace butterfly

beautiful black & white butterfly -- with tiny black hearts on the wings!love the hearts

How to cover a headband in ribbon. This could be cute for holidays or to match school uniforms!

ribbon woven headband tutorial Could do in the school colours, the possibilities are endless

We're green with envy over these botanical paradises.

25 Unexpected Ways to Decorate With Plants

WINDOW LEDGE PLANT SHELF >>>> If you have a window ledge just itching for more plants than it can carry, building some little shelves is an easy way to multiply space. It also gives you a good excuse to go buy more plants!

From Gaza ..

Repurpose rain gutters into elevated strawberry beds.Recycle rain gutters into elevated strawberry beds.


Starlings love to stuff themselves on elderberries and fruit in the autumn so if you're keen to see more of them in your garden, why not add in an elder tree or an apple tree? Photo by Garry Knight

A PURPLE peacock?!?!  I wonder if this was photoshopped??  I do hope not!!

peacock – Do they really come in purple or was this done artifically or thru lighting? Id LOVE to see a purple peacock! peacock – Do they really come in…