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"Ghostbusters" 30th Anniversary Infographic Tells The Film's History

"Ghostbusters" 30th Anniversary Infographic Tells The Film's History

Jurassic Park, by Aaron Horkey.

Check out the gorgeous Jurassic Park print released by Alamo Drafthouse & Mondo celebrating the Blu-ray release of everyone's favorite dinosaur movie. But wait — this is only the first of many glorious Jurassic Park posters.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004, Gondry)

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STEW - What I liked initially about this poster was the simplicity of it. I saw the title and then could see that the images were fish. But then after moving down the page I noticed the odd one out and investigated more closely only then to realise that one of the fish was different. And then again another moment to realise why exactly that was. It's this gradual discovery that made like this one so much.

Finding Nemo Movie Poster, via Minimalist Movie Posters by alyce The "Finding Nemo" poster symbolizes individuality.

"And we can live like Jack & Sally if we want and we'll have Halloween on Christmas..." - Blink-182

There is a symmetrical balance to the placement of graphic elements in the center of the poster to create the face of Jack Skellington, the film's protagonist. -------- The Nightmare Before Christmas Poster - excites - the Portfolio of Simon C.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark alternate movie poster by?

Indiana Jones Gets Minimalist Poster Treatment

Maxime Pecourt Indy Jones Posters French graphic designer Maxime Pecourt designed those 3 movie posters for the Indiana Jones trilogy (what ? Its a TRILOGY).

Monsters, Inc (2001)

This Monsters Inc. poster design Credits: Monsters Inc. Poster Design by (©) Tom Whalen.

The Creature From The Black Lagoon 1954

Creature From the Black Lagoon: Poster by Ken Taylor - Universal Monsters Posters from Mondo