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RIGHT? THIS IS WHAT I WANT. You don't even know how many hours I have spent just thinking about this. I need TIME. Just TIME. You would never be in a rush ever again or be worried you wouldn't get something done. You could take as long as you wanted. That's what I need. Not the ability to freaking see through people's clothes.

No, but if scientists could come up with a cloaking device that bent light around you to reflect your surrounds, thus making you invisible, that would be just as fun.

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"I am the regional reports manager." Welcome to the century, asshole.

Well would you look at that.

Especially because real life is nothing like what we are taught to expect.

Tell me again that we don't live in a rape culture?!

Feminists actually defending a male rape victim? So much for the Men's Right's Activists stopping female rapists.<<<< the truth is if a feminist dosent treat a male rape victim the same as a female one they aren't being feministic

Racist Man Criticizes Woman For Being In Front Of Him In A Queue, Her Response Is GOLD

I fucking hate white people who think they're superior because of pigments in their skin. I'm white myself and often feel utterly ashamed of it.

What if I could cure cancer? Why does a fetus' life matter more than mine?

like wtf it's effing chocolate

There is nothing wrong with the little boy having a pink egg! WTF IS WRONG WITH SOME PEOPLE? I want to go to that little boy and give him a box of pink eggs

Woman shouldn't have to learn how not to be raped, we should be teaching not too rape in the first place!

It just makes the person saying it sound entitled and pretensious. Just imagine someone saying "We live in a society that says 'lock your doors at night' instead of teaching 'don't rob people!

From Buzzfeed 21 times tumblr proved english is the worst language ever

Then I guess I can speak English better than of the native English speakers in the world. even though I am a native English speaker.

Rape Culture - I'll raise my daughter, you raise your son not to be a violent pig. Adding: my son will likewise be taught to rip the testicles off of anyone who hurts a woman, or his sister, so yeah, raise your son.