Steampunk Castiel by Sempaiko on deviantART

Steampunk Castiel Art Print - Is this just a coincidence that I recently got into steam punk, or did you pin this purposely so I would see it?

{Small Screen} Supernatural - Castiel #angel #Supernatural #MishaCollins

Constantine "I'm not a hero.I'm not an angel.But as he walked to his doom,the only thing Ava saw was a winged hero.

Sam Winchester - There is a Light That Never Goes Out

journal-of-a-man-of-letters: “ Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry I wish things would be simple for once. When I left the bunker on my own to check out a murder involving a wife savagely.


True form Castiel and Dean, these are really cool looking

*sniffle* ;o;   ...wat happened Dean?

Krystal T: I am only pinning this because of Castiels wings and the fact that its Dean and Castiel from Supernatural.


Okay, this is adorable. Gabriel giving his brother Castiel a lollipop. And the way Cas is drawn.

Three Blades by Wind-up-Owl on @DeviantArt

Three Blades by JustynaRerak for the Supernatural Design Challenge. This is one of my favorite pieces of Supernatural fan art.

Well that freaking sad

Castiel - cried the whole time Cas was homeless - It was the saddest thing in the world