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16. And when you go to sleep in your perfectly set up room, with your high thread count sheets, and feel like you’ve really nailed the whole “being an adult” thing.

16 Things That Make You Surprisingly Happy In Your Mid-Twenties

Can We Guess Your Mood With A Single Word they got it kinda wrong, but I have to appreciate the Peter Pan gif here.

13 Minor Disney Characters Who Are Actually Monsters. Oh Disney. The casually homicidal mermaids in Peter Pan.

Peter Pan and Wendy Darlingsley

I love how both Walt Disney & the 2003 version kept this scene from the book. I always felt it to be extremely important whenever Wendy & Peter had a moment.

If you don't think this is the cutest thing ever then you're wrong.

Disney's 1953 Peter Pan is and always will be the best rendition of the Peter Pan story EVER!

This used to be my favorite Disney movie. It would've been a dream come true for Peter Pan to be real.

Day 9 - Peter & Wendy must be my favorite couple :) I dont even know if you can call them a couple, but I really adore their friendship

Peter Pan, 1953 - ...Always gonna be my favorite. ♥ #waltdisney #jamesmatthewbarrie

Peter Pan, 1953 - ...Always gonna be my favorite. ♥ #waltdisney #jamesmatthewbarrie