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Richard Herrmann - Mantarochen, Socorro Inseln, Mexiko

Richard Herrmann - Manta ray, Socorro Islands, Mexico - Art Print order at discounted prices!



Manta Ray, Costa Rica, 1st thing I saw on 1st ocean dive ever.

A Manta Ray Glides under the Surface of the Ocean Photographic Print

Manta ray and scuba diver near the Socorro Islands, Mexico

Diving with giant manta rays: SO on my bucket list. Pacific Ocean, photograph by Franco Banfi.

Socorro Islands…one of these days!

Oceans of the world: Roca Partida en las Islas Revillagigedo, México (Norbert Probst).

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A Manta Ray with Remoras. Actually, they don’t just get a free ride and free food. It’s a symbiotic relationship as they, in turn, remove parasites from the Manta rays.

Although whales, which are mammals, are the biggest creatures in the sea, there are some fish that come very close to the title! Check out these 5 biggest fish in all the oceans.

5 of the Ocean's Biggest Fish

Manta Ray by NOAA’s National Ocean Service A manta ray passes over a reef, inviting a host of small fish to clean parasites and other debris off of the giant animal. Manta rays are the largest rays in.

Estamos descubriendo a los peces. La especie humana lleva siglos explorando continuamente los océanos y explotando su fauna en las fronteras de lo sensato, hasta la última espina. Pero no sabía nada de la vida que bulle allí dentro y que tiene aún tendencia a excluir del mundo animal, tratándola más o menos con las mismas consideraciones que la fruta y la verdura. Franz-Olivier GIESBERT, Un animal es una persona

Facts and Information about Reef Manta Ray. Reef Manta Ray Description, Behavior, Feeding, Reproduction, Reef Manta Ray threats and

_DSC5787 | Pacific Manta | Aleks Bartnicka | Flickr

theoceaniswonderful: by AleksBartnickaPhotography Manta Ray in Australian Waters