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This is why my dad told e that I need to stop watching anime because I am forming a "unhealthy" attachment. Like seriously dad, do you not know me?

ACTUALLY: Hai is understood more correctly as "It's correct", while Iie is understood more correctly as "It's incorrect". Similar, but "It's correct" will not work in some situations as "Yes" would. I.e.: "Do you want to meet at 3:00?" "It's correct." and "Hey, can I ask you something?" "It's correct"

most of these are right, but my friend (who studies and speaks Japanese) told me that the word for cute seen here will just get you strange looks in Japan

#Otaku #Anime Otaku Issues #12  so true</3

~~ Unless of course u have another Otaku friend -- When I went to high school I got friends with who I can talk about anime.

:3 better make that Otaku's

Otaku Diet- I've eaten udon, miso soup, pocky, and sushi during the last month :D

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My otaku issues. Well the last one nah, I tell everyone that I love anime. I am going to study animation!>>> my problem, "When Senpai Doesn't Notice You"

This is so true! Cx

Otaku Problem: When you know lots of Japanese words but you have no idea how to string them together into sentences.


You know you're a nerd when you can name all of those people. Sword Art Online, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden and Fairy Tail <---- Yeah dont fuck with erza.

otaku problem! and yes am in this situation!

Otaku Problem: You're in love with a fictional anime character. Make that many fictional anime characters

That's a pretty clever place to hide it, I'll give him that. Also what anime is this??

Daily Lives of High School Boys ~~ One of the funniest animes ever!

Hey guys!, anime and manga are awesome~, so everybody who is proud to be an otaku, repin, text, anime guy; Otaku  Please tell me the name of this Anime and/or character if you know

Hey guys please get a proper education as well, grammar matters if you want to be respected.