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Aparece un video hot de Shakira y Piqué

Rumors that Colombian songstress Shakira is pregnant have been circulating heavily since her father didn’t deny the claim in an interview with La Prensa, back in June.

REMEMBER: these are names from different cultures and languages. They will sound completely illogical and out-of-place if you use them in the wrong setting. Also, some of these arent even names, but are simply words. Look these up before you use them.

Unique Baby Names or book character names.Both of our names are on this list, baby girl Harper and baby boy Grayson!

This woman's my hero, along with anyone who tells their experience of such a hard time and choice. That's bravery! Because, you know after opening up and sharing such a personal experience, she probably was bombarded with hateful comments by "pro-life" fanatics. These women are heros for sharing!!

Abortion rights are privacy rights, fundamental human rights, and key to women's health

Top 50 Best Selling Natural Hair Products (Updated Regularly)

Top 50 Best Selling Natural Hair Products (Updated Regularly)

Adoption is an alternative to being a parent. It is not an alternative to being pregnant. http://fuckyeahwomenprotesting.tumblr.com/post/159641303815/just-give-it-up-for-adoption

this is such an important post tho like? it addresses tokophobia! and it doesn't paint pregnancy/abortion as a strictly women's issue it says 'pregnant people' instead! like that's rly rare for pro choice posts but we should start doing that more often

"Accidents Happen." Seriously, the earth is populated enough, pregnancy is dangerous, and there are PLENTY of kids who NEED HOMES in foster care and orphanages. Leave women ALONE WHEN THEY SAY THEY DON'T WANT TO BE PREGNANT AND/OR HAVE KIDS.

"Accidents Happen."

" If you don't want kids, you don't have to have kids. No one should have to justify that

The culture of eating. #babies #pregnancy #kids #mommy #child #love #momlife #babygirl #babyboy #babycute #pregnant #motherhood #photography #photoshoot

The culture of eating. #babies #pregnancy #kids #mommy #child #love #momlife #babygirl #babyboy #babycute #pregnant #motherhood #photography #photoshoot