Rolo de pintura com gravura em alto-relevo permite a criação de desenhos que imitam papel de parede

This patterned paint roller will add an extra dimension to your painted walls, by giving them a unique wallpaper-like finish. You can also use this roller to decorate fabric or make pretty wrapping paper. Several patterned designs are available on Etsy.

Paint Roller Applicator for Pattern Paint by patternpaintrollers

Paint roller applicator consists of metallic frame with wooden holder and one foam roller. The width of the roller is 15 cm (ca.

Patterned Paint Roller Kit

Patterned Paint Roller Kit

Tussock patterned paint roller by patternedpaintroller on Etsy

Another option for patterned paint rollers. Tussock patterned paint roller by patternedpaintroller on Etsy.

roller wallpaper

Use gloss & flat paint. Pattern Paint Roller in Spring Bird design from Not Wallpaper patterned wall stencil - Etsy. Omg absolutely loving these rollers!

Patterned Paint Roller No.28  from Paint & by patternpaintrollers, €15.00

Patterned paint rollers from Paint & Courage, based in Slovakia, will give your walls the sophisticated modern vintage look.

Design roller no.7, via Etsy. - OMG - Patterned Paint Roller!  I WANT ONE - or FIVE!

Do you have a wall that needs a revamp? Try a patterned paint roller. They create a unique stencil-like design on walls, wood, furniture, fabric, paper and more. The final product looks like a freshly wallpapered room without the fuss of wallpaper!

[ Clare Bosanquet ]

These patterned paint rollers from The Painted House, based in the UK, come in a range of different designs. Each design roller is reusable and interchangeable. They can be used on fabric, walls , paper & wood. For instructions -

Project Hallway: Baa Baa Black Sheep Wall - Primitive and Proper

Project Hallway: Baa Baa Black Sheep Wall