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Wallpaper and background photos of tyler shields outtakes for fans of Evan Peters images.

Meu amor

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

good-looking-men: “ “Evan Peters ” ”

The good looking and versatile actor, Evan Peters

Evan Peters from American Horror Story

Down on the West Coast, they got a sayin'. If you're not drinkin, then you're not playin.

Evan is my whole board like its mostly him xD

"hey I'm Evan. there's not much I like to do I go to this guy every week to check up on my "weird" dreams . but I'm addicted to drugs"( yes this is based off of tate) horror story.

Evan Peters

jimmydarling: “ I think it’s harder to go from comedy to drama than from drama to comedy. But, seeing you in comedy all.

Wacky Evan Peters! A man of a thousand faces! Follow rickysturn/evan-peters

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