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21 Awesomely Shady Snapchats From Taylor Swift

This is taylor talking to katy cus if its vice versa someones gonna die

Exactly!!!! All the people saying Taylor get's a boyfriend like every five seconds just need to be quiet!! And when us Swifties say Taylor's our role model they then say 'So you want to grow up and date a bunch of guys?' No, we want to grow up and be a beautiful and elegant person just like Taylor. So just shut up haters

I see the beautiful, caring, kind Taylor. Not the media attention seeker Taylor. I love Taylor. And honestly I know graders that have dated more than her, Taylor is 26 and can do what she wants in her life.

Billboard Magazine Top Artist Award

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THIS! Taylor Swift songs are the best :")

Her country songs ARE better than her pop ones, and to me, isn't that great of an album, but really, there is no such thing as a bad Taylor Swift song.