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Composiciones geométricas yuxtaponen espacios arquitectónicos contra el cielo

Skymetric is the title of this fantastic collection of photography that has as its protagonists the sky and the architecture. The Italian author, Lino Russo, explains the term Skymetric


Minimalismo na arquitetura: 10 perfis e projetos de fotografia que você precisa conhecer

© Matthieu Venot

After stumbling upon the colorful, sun-bleached photos of self-taught photographer Matthieu Venot, we immediately assumed that the French artist was documenting his sun-kissed beach life somewhere near Marseille, Antibes or Nice.

VITTORIO CICCARELLI Minimal photography

MINIMALIST URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY - Invisible is amazing photo series of minimalist urban photography by Vittorio Ciccarelli. It is minimal urban photos with details removed. Ciccarelliis graphic designer/photographer living and working in Naples.