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Wood Effect Tattoo - Tattoo Shortlist

Woodgrain Sleeve Tattoo by David Allen in Chicago, Illinois - Tattoo Lust Leftovers: Part XXVI

No Photoshop, just paint!  chooosanbodyart3

For her second tranche of work, Chooo-San painted lifelike zips, buttons and shoes laces to the skin of her willing friends to give the illusion they are bursting at the seams. This is a great optical illusion tat. The quality is amazing.

Awesome Dog Paw Inked Mens Leg Calf Tattoo Ideas

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Creative idea...

Well it’s settled, acoustic guitar tattoo on the back is the coolest tattoo you could possibly get. I’m still not getting a tattoo tho yerawizardharry: “ memoriestokeep: “ (via.

While some people absolutely hate tattoos, others are constantly searching for new gorgeous-looking or maybe symbolical images to immortalize on their bodies. Tattoos actually are not just simple combinations of images but the combination of…

Unique Tattoos for Men

ZC - by Iwan Yug. maybe in current sleeve draft, flip the ripple, dropping person into water and have this style as undrwtr landscape tree bit. (Plus ginger and/or napkin and shadow?

Afficher l'image d'origine

Deers, just like trees, could also be a symbol for rebirth. Plus this is just a magnificent picture and design worthy to be embedded in your skin for all time.



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These tattoo designs for men are mind blowing, exquisite pieces of art! If you need inspiration, this is where you will find it. That is a promise.

This tattoo is truly AMAZING! So artistic! Scenery tattoo. If I could be guaranteed a tattoo to turn out like this there'd be no going back. WOW Mountains tattoo, Open road tattoo. #IWish Baddass Tattoo

This style tattoo with road by hometown house over looking the cornfields and farms