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stormtrooper twister

storm troopers doing twister- why? instructions written by a storm trooper on how to play twister

In response to 365 Days of Stormtroopers Projects ~ 365 Days of Clones was created ;-)

365 Days of Clones – Recréer les photos et les affiches cultes avec des jouets Star Wars

Iconic Images Recreated With Star Wars Figures Looks very good! In photographer David Eger's “Cloned Photos” project, he has recreated historical photographs, movie posters, and imagery using Clone Troopers and other Star Wars figures.

Camping Car Star Wars !

Funny pictures about Safest car ever. Oh, and cool pics about Safest car ever. Also, Safest car ever.

Small But Perfectly Funny

Mike Stimpson is a UK photographer who happens to be a big LEGO fan and a huge Star Wars geek. He takes whimsical photographs using LEGO minifigures and is best know for re-creating iconic photographs using LEGO.

Too cute!

It's bring your kid to work day on the Death Star! :D Andres would LOVE this. A kid in love with Stars Wars?

Fotos divertidas con figuras de acción de Star Wars | Quiero más diseño

Using a few simple techniques Chris McVeigh was able to interact with some wild chipmunks in his parents backyard. In doing so, some very comical photographs were created with lego and Star Wars figures.

Star Wars funny pic of the day #starwars

Cat-At Loves You

Oh, another bloody Star Wars T-shirt I'm going to have to buy. Ever had a cat bring home a dead thing that it wanted you to have? That's the inspiration behind this shirt, called Cat-At Loves You. Available on Red Bubble.

Absolutely perfect!

Funny pictures about Little Pink Stormtrooper. Oh, and cool pics about Little Pink Stormtrooper. Also, Little Pink Stormtrooper photos.

Fala aí?

Funny pictures about The best side of the moon. Oh, and cool pics about The best side of the moon. Also, The best side of the moon.

Someone's getting a force-strangle today.

- Funny Lego Star Wars Darth Vader slipped on wet floor while Stormtrooper was cleaning.