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star citizen Idris Jump point

Frigates, though smaller than a cruiser and lacking the heavy armor and the capital weaponry of.

"Man O War" Carrier / Destroyer - [EPhalanx - WIP]

"Man O War" Carrier / Destroyer - [EPhalanx - WIP] (concept ship for Star Citizen)

Research Unbound : the MISC Endeavor - Roberts Space Industries

cyberclays: “ Star Citizen: Endeavor Beauty Shots - by Chris Olivia “Beauty images for Star Citizen Endeavor concept sale. Ship by Jim Martin.

CRASSETINATION, Various Starships 07

A quick render (made by someone else, spAce) of the Trident-class Battleship, which I& just finished modelling for the upcomming space-based MMO, Infinity - The Quest for Earth.

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isn't this a Caprycan Battlestar? concept ships: Concept ship art by Dorje Bellbrook

#battlecruiser#scifi#scifiart#scificoncept#spaceship#space#digital#digitalart#digitalconcept#digitalpainting#digitaldesign#illustration#war  by Oshanin Dmitriy

rhubarbes: Battle-cruiser on the mission by Oshanin Dmitriy. (via // Battle-cruiser on the mission by DMITRIYOSHANIN)