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This is funny even if I'm not in this fandom yet<<THOSE FRIGGIN SHORTS (homestuck is awesome you need to be in this fandom

Dance Of Thorns:Problem Solved by ~invalidgriffin on deviantART  that was the most beautiful thing my little eyes have ever seen

Dance Of Thorns:Problem Solved by ~invalidgriffin on deviantART. Also known as "How To Seduce Your Woman By Kanaya Maryam.

I cries...

just going to leave this here *runs off in to the night*>>>> *starts to cry*

AquariumStuck, Character list

Character list If you want to searching someone,just click ther name.

Cronus and little Eridan.

hey cmere, i’wve got you, chief. Petstuck Cronus and Eridan minding each other because reasons, that’s why.

Homestuck Rufuss - Google Search

Homestuck Rufuss - Google Search

You guys know what to do! But first I have a question... Do you like candycorn?

But first I have a question. Do you like candycorn? <<I only desire small candy triangles when they are placed underneath my head cloth.


I don't even read homestuck but this is funny I only know dirk because of my sister