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The Neversink Pit wallpaper. The Neversink Pit is a limestone sinkhole in Alabama, USA. It is about 40 feet wide at the top, but bells out to an impressive 100 feet at the bottom.

Kayak, wanted one ever since Key West!!!

The Transparent Canoe Kayak - Hammacher Schlemmer. Paddling in a glass bottom boat, in Australia = Heaven

Vietnam's massive cave - Han son doong skylight

Explore the ancient caves of Hang Son Doong, Vietnam. Hang Son Doong is one of the largest caves in the world and features a fast-flowing underground river. For spelunkers, exploring Hang Son Doong is the equivalent of scaling Mount Everest.

Stephens Gap Cave, Alabama

Stephens Gap Cave, Alabama What do you really know about Make a memory and see the beautiful countryside. Call GIT today to book your tickets today.

The Most Stunning Places On The Planet

Antelope Canyon may be the most striking slot canyon. A slot canyon is a narrow canyon sliced through a mesa by the forces of nature. Some canyons measure < a yard across at the top, but drop 100 feet or more from the rim to the bottom.

Jacob's Well is one of the longest underwater caves in Texas. From the opening in the creek bed, the cave descends vertically for about ten meters, then continues downward at an angle through a series of silted chambers separated by narrow restrictions, finally reaching a depth of forty meters.

Jacob’s Well, Texas’ Most Dangerous Diving Spot -Don't want to dive, just want to see it.

Fern Cave National Wildlife Refuge in Alabama

Surprise pit entrance to Fern Cave. Leads to the deepest vertical drop in Alabama 436 feet!

Neversink Cave, near Scotsboro, Alabama.   This cavity is made of limestone and when you reach the bottom there are a series of caves to explore. It is about a 40 foot descent.

15 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Alabama

The Neversink Pit Sinkhole in Alabama. The Neversink Pit Sinkhole is located near Scotsboro, Alabama. It is a natural limestone cavity leading to a cave network. The hole is 40 feet wide at its opening.