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I CAN'T BREATHE<<<-I will never get tired of people making fun of this stupid line from Attack of the Clones! Worst pick-up line I've ever heard.

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Summary of the plot of Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens by Rey and Kylo Ren<--- :)

Padme taught me that I can wear whatever the fuck I want and look amazing and be powerful in it

25 Star wars Funny Memes Wars Addendum to Padme: And still have a powerful voice in the universe!

Uhh, that's the Millennium Falcon, Rey. The Millennium. Freaking. Falcon.

wtf Rey

And everyone knows the Millennium Freaking Falcon is a bucket of GARBAGE (high quality garbage tho.

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Dark Side generations by Morgaer <- Still mad a kylo Ren, but if they are continue to be like this, I am sold