Double Tulip "Dream Touch"

Double Tulip "Dream Touch" not sure if I like this as much as the traditional tulips

Tulip 'Double Flaming Bird'

Tulip 'Double Flaming Bird' Tulipa - Hardy Bulb NEW in 2013 Here's something REALLY unusual for your spring displays. A hugely flamboyant tulip, which is twice the size of most other tulips and boasts stunningly coloured petals.

Beautilful black hero tulip

The Black Hero Tulip features peony-form double flowers of a lustrous maroon so dark it shades to black. Flowers are 4 to 5 inches across and carried on strong 22 stems. Blooms late April into early May.

Camellia japonica - think this pic is 'Jennifer Susan' or very similar.  Gorgeous pink flowers #egardens

reminds me of the Camellia my mom gave us when we moved into our home 30 years ago. Camellia japonica in bloom at Kiel Botanical Garden, Germany


Tulipe longue tige 'Havran' Tulipa 'Havran': Sarah Raven 2006 crimson black tulip trials top lovely shape w/ the pointy petals Más


Tulip 'foxtrot' and blue forget-me-nots. I need this tulip in my life!