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'vessel' is a hammock-shaped carbon fibre bathtub by splinter works that truly encompasses the art of relaxation.

Hanging Cocoon Tent

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*okay, found this under design.  Yes its great.  If you eat lettuce everyday. Skinny people 1- Fat people 0.    But I get to eat! (+.5)   Limited Edition Carbon Fiber bathtub inspired by a hammock.

If you eat lettuce everyday. Skinny people Fat people But I get to eat! Limited Edition Carbon Fiber bathtub inspired by a hammock.

Additive Manufacturing: Faster, Cheaper Than Composite Layup For KMC

A Fortus build chamber full of rows of accurate altimeter housings

Just when you thought mugs were incapable of being further innovated, here comes a new and creative variant that simplifies that little act of squeezing that burst of flavor out of your teabag.

slingshot clever tea mug. Don't fiddle with that tea bag until you are finished with your drink. Like this simple idea.

Corcel N°1 Carbon Fiber Luxury Bathtub $72000

Corcel N° 1 Carbon Fiber Luxury Bathtub

I'm not sure what kind or application or house this would go in but I think I could make a small version of this

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CACHÉ is a new light series designed by French designer Aurélien Barbry for LE KLINT that features brass details, hand folded pleats, and a matte finish.

FitzSimmons Architects, the masterminds and architects behind the renovation of The Flaming Lip’s Oklahoma residence featuring the “real” Flaming Lips inspired bathroom pod. This bathroom is just incredible!