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ethical jewellery - ute decker - ring in fairtrade gold

P U R E architect's ring by ute decker photography elke bock material 18 carat Fairtrade Ecological gold hi-res image > web image

Silver and Copper Ring  Sculptural Ring  by RobertoBuchanan, $60.00

Roberto Buchanan-Mx Silver and Copper Ring - Sculptural Ring - Flowers - Interactive Ring

philip sajet - „Google“ paieška

philip sajet - „Google“ paieška

Google Image Result for http://www.marzee.nl/galerie/wp-content/gallery/klockmann/beate_klockmann-ring02.jpg

Beate Klockmann - ring i need this ring and ide like to see other style like it and i need this ring with other stone in it including all gemstone colors for example.

Geoffrey D. Giles square ring in silver and black onyx....

Geoffrey D. Giles square ring in silver and black onyx

Meret Oppenheim 'sugar' Ring - The sugar ring, which Meret Oppenheim designed in the mid-1930s, is an absurd and delightful combination of artifice and so-called nature, of opulent and cheap materials. The throwaway and frangible sugar cube is elevated to the status of a lasting, precious stone; an edible material is made wearable. At any time the wearer can exchange the cube for a fresh ‘jewel’.

Meret Oppenheim 'sugar' Ring (just in case you find yourself needing to sweeten some tea on the go)