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43 Vintage Photographs That Prove Cats Are A Girl's Best Friend

43 Vintage Photographs That Prove Cats Are A Girl's Best Friend

A young exhibitor arrives with her kitten on a lead at the National Cat Club show at Crystal Palace London, December 1931 (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Lomography with Lost in the Haze

good examples of holga photography from lost in the haze

This is love

This is love

Divine cuteness

Love that acorn hat too!


The funny thing I've actually taken a picture of me making this face and i call it my sexy face.

MeWow! Mama, new scwatching post looks almost hewmin!

民生@botじゃないよ手動だよ on

Leo my vampire cat

Leo my vampire cat


The ocelot, also known as the dwarf leopard, is a wild cat distributed extensively over South America including the islands of Trinidad and Margarita, Central America, and Mexico. i hate cats but this is cute

This fox was found severely wounded after being attacked by other animals. The man who found him had two choices: euthanize him or take him in. You can tell from the photo what he chose to do. He later named him Cropper, and 6 years later, the two are still together. :)

Six years ago, Cropper was found after a fight with dogs injured and ill (toxoplasmosis), Cropper was nursed back to health by this man. Not strong enough to return to the wild, Cropper spends very happy days with his human friend.