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La Estación Espacial Internacional tomó una increíble foto cuando pasaba sobre Brasil. En la imagen, captada por uno de los astronautas, puede verse un denso muro de nubes de tormenta cubriendo el Océano Atlántico, como si fuera una enorme cordillera nevada.

July Taken by crew members of one of the Expedition 26 aboard the International Space Station, a large mass of storm clouds was captured over the Atlantic Ocean near Brazil. Also shown is a Russian spacecraft docked to the orbiting outpost.

earth at night. God said it was good.

Earth at Night

IRAN / Can you find Persian Gulf and Caspian sea and IRAN in these views? /Earth at Night

Saturn As You Have Never Seen It Before!

35 years ago this month, NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft buzzed Saturn, revealing the magnificent detail of its rings. Now we have Cassini in Saturn orbit and many ring mysteries persist to this day.

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An alligator hide of Iranian rock.

Darreh Shahr, Iran, "An alligator hide of Iranian rock", Picture: Astronaut Chris Hadfield

The Centaurus A Extreme Deep Field. (Image Courtesy of Astrophotography byRolf Oslen. Used with Permission).  Sometimes, you just have to say ?Wow!?  The view you?re looking at above is of Centaurus A (NGC 5128), a galaxy about 10-16 million light years distant in the southern hemisphere sky. It?s a favorite of astrophotographers and professional observatories alike.  But what makes this image so special is that it was taken by an amateur astrophotographer.

120 hour exposure of Centaurus A galaxy, by amateur astronomer Rolf Olsen.

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