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Carl Jung believed that archetypes are models of people, behaviors or personalities. Jung suggested that the psyche was composed of three components: the ego, the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious.

Project Idea: Floral print projected on face  Cara Delevingne - Inspiration for Photography MIdwest | photographymidwest.com | #photoghrapymidwest

ccccaradelevingne: “ daughteroftheninetails: “ truangles: “ truangles: “ Cara Delevingne coloured by Parrot feathers by Me, see the rest of my art here ” Hory shet, 10000 notes.

Hey, look---it's me.  Wait---why is the mirror distorting things?  I'm pretty sure I look like this.  ;)

Pin-spiration :: the sophistication of black-and-white

Emma Stone, she is incredible

Emma Stone, she is incredible

Jean Shrimpton photographed by Richard Avedon.  Find out more about what colour spectrum you are and how to use colours for your outfits, visit our website www.colourelements.com and download the Colour Elements app from Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/colour-elements/id925253980?mt=8

Richard Avedon's Women

Jean Shrimpton photographed by Richard Avedon. This photograph is effective in terms of shadowing, the angle that it is taken at shadows her main features therefore dominating any flaws. This image really brings out her eyelashes.

Make up

Her olive skin and cool undertone work well with the combination of chocolate shadows, hint of burgundy blush and a warm natural rust color to the lip.