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Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine

Growing Tomatoes From Seed

La primera collita d'albergínies (una mica minis)

La primera collita d'albergínies (una mica minis)

Starting cherry seeds indoors gives you jump on spring.

How to Germinate Cherry Seeds Indoors

Starting cherry seeds indoors helps establish your fruit tree before the ground thaws outside. This helps your tree develop before the normal season begins.

Never buy celery again! Just chop of the bottom and plant it in your garden or keep it in a pot indoors.

Did You Know - Over 40 Everyday Hacks

Re-Growing Celery -- grow another complete celery stalk from the bottom piece that you cut off and usually compost or discard. I don't have a garden so will try in a pot. And a commenter said she had success doing romaine lettuce the same way.

Decorate Your Home for Easter with DIY Projects

Easter Decoration and Crafts- Egg Planters. Eggshells as planters. table setting for holidays, spring, easter.

Painted garden rocks

How to Make Garden Markers by Painting Stones! Are you wondering how to make garden markers? Create them by painting stones with your child and have a lot of fun, coming up with silly faces for vegetables.

9 Tricks For Growing Onions (better)

Have you had trouble growing onions? Growing onions can be tricky but these great tips will have you growing a bumper crop of healthy onions. 9 Tricks For Growing Onions. ( Also has a link to an extensive article on how to mulch properly.


Alternative Gardning: Used coffee grounds + crushed dry egg shells = no blossom end rot. Coffee grounds makes the soil more acidic so be sure the plants where you're putting it do well in acidic soil.

How to plan a garden for self-sufficiency and build on it each year-  Great common sense tips! garden-ideas

Absolutely everything you need to know to grow healthy, fresh organic food, without all the problems. Finally, a method of growing food that is reliable (and I mean bomb proof). It also produces an abundance of food and is easy to understand.

Regrowing lettuce from the remaining hunk:  Save the end from your lettuce and put into a little water (about a half inch). Change out the water every day. The lettuce will grow back incredibly quick, too.     The one on the left was cut today. The middle one yesterday and the one on the right, the day before. You can see how much it grows in just two days!!     But don't feel limited to romaine. This technique can also be used with green onions and celery.

Re-grow Romaine Lettuce Hearts - just cut, place in water, and watch them grow back in days.Also works for celery & green onions.

Re-grow Romaine Lettuce Hearts - just cut, place in water, and watch them grow back in days.I'm going to try this, I have Romaine Lettuce Hearts!

L'alfàbrega florida

L'alfàbrega florida

Rainbow Carrot Mix - six crazy colors 250 heirloom seeds, spring garden, fun for kids, non GMO by ronda

Rainbow Carrot Mix - six crazy colors, 250 heirloom seeds, spring garden, fun for kids! A fun mix of colored carrots to brighten your table and entertain your kids. Varieties are listed below.

Plant your edible goodies in a window planter, and you can snip off what you need for salads and cooking and then watch them magically regrow. http://www.ehow.com/ehow-home/blog/no-garden-no-problem-create-a-self-sustaining-decorative-and-edible-windowsill-planter/?utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=blog&utm_campaign=fanpage

No Garden? No Problem! Create a Self-Sustaining Decorative and Edible Windowsill Planter