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"Proyecto Ara" de Google: Smartphones modulares e impresión 3D http://www.print3dworld.es/2013/11/proyecto-ara-de-google-smartphones-modulares-e-impresion-3d.html

Motorola’s ‘Project Ara’ modular smartphone setup switches out hardware like apps We were intrigued by the Phonebloks concept phone that teased the ability to switch out a handset’s components the way.

Google Pilot Program Delayed until 2016 | The Global Fair

revealed new details about a its plans for the company's highly anticipated Android-powered modular smartphone, at its Project Ara developers conference yesterday. What are your thoughts on a highly customizable, modular phone?

I use my iPad in the kitchen a lot when I’m referring to an online recipe or playing music from my iTunes while cooking. This is the perfect place to store it and be able to easily view and access it. Heck, this also turns it into a small flat screen TV! There is also an optional wall mount kit, so you can put it on a wall or cabinet instead of the fridge.

50 Cool Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs

Fridgepad for iPad - refer to an online recipe or playing music from my iTunes while cooking, easy view and access, also turns into a small flat screen TV

Project Ara Phone Hi-Tech

Project Ara Phone Hi-Tech

Facebook acquires modular consumer hardware maker Nascent Objects

Facebook acquires modular consumer hardware maker Nascent Objects

Last week the world’s largest social media company bought a small startup with a unique offering: modular electronics.

Luxeed Rainbow Computer Keyboard #rainbow #furniture trendhunter.com

Disco on your Desk

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Port - Most input/output devices are outside the computer case. These devices communicate with components inside the computer case through a wireless connection or through pcables attatched to the case at a connection called a port. (Chad G.

Muchos de nosotros somos diseñadores o artistas, y dependemos en nuestro día a día de programas para poder expresar o editar nuestras ideas, y es aquí donde entra Palette, un control que te permite “armarlo” como si sus piezas fueran de Lego’s y adaptarlo a tus necesidades.

Palette: un control a tu medida

ソニーからマイクロUSBとフルUSB端子を備えたUSBメモリ USM-SA1シリーズ、8GB 2500円より - Engadget Japanese

ソニーからマイクロUSBとフルUSB端子を備えたUSBメモリ USM-SA1シリーズ、8GB 2500円より

Transfer files between devices with these extremely portable Flash Drives Sony Micro USB Flash Drive for Smartphones & Tablets - Black


Paper Airplane Drone Kit

This is simply insane The Paper Airplane Drone Kit allows you to create custom aircraft remotely controlled by your smartphone. The device is robustly designed to withstand falls and the force of impact.Rechargeable and battery operated.

The designer Dave Hakkens unveiled its Phonebloks project in a video on Youtube. The concept is simple but brilliant: a phone consists of various modules, interchangeable blocks in order to adapt to the needs of the user. And is rare in this type of project, the developer is not seeking funding, but partnerships. - See more at: Net4tech

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Dave Hakkens explains his concept for Phonebloks, a modular mobile phone made of detachable blocks.

Project Ara, Google's Modular Smartphone, to Begin Trials This Year - Core77

UPDATE Ara modules, including those made by third-party companies, will be sold through a dedicated online store