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LumiFold: Una impresora 3D portátil y plegable por 300 euros en IndieGoGo http://www.print3dworld.es/2013/10/lumifold-una-impresora-3d-portatil-y-plegable-por-300-euros-en-indiegogo.html

LumiFold, the foldable photo-activated resin based Printer. LumiFold is the smallest foldable, photo-activated resin based Printer. It's low cost, open source, and has an holographic display for the printing process.

The possibilities of a 3D Printer. #3dprinting #3dprintinginfographic

This is a way simplified infographic, the possibilities and materials are even greater! Infographic The Possibilities of a Printer InkTechnologies

SeeMeCNC - Orion Delta 3D Printer [Great Reviews]

ORION Delta™ Desktop 3D Printer RTP™

SeeMeCNC® Orion Delta™ Desktop Printer Maybe something for Printer Chat?

Organize Small Business Taxes

Organize Small Business Taxes

E-waste is all around us, but as the brilliant Instructables user behind this $60 3D printer proves, there's plenty to be done with it--if you've got some engineering chops.

This 3D Printer Is Made Out of a Floppy Disk Drive and Other E-Waste

This project describes the design of a very low budget Printer that is mainly built out of recycled electronic components. The result is a small fo.

Smart Device Mount by Mountie

Cute swag gift for conferences. See two screens at once. This handy mount attaches a phone or tablet to your laptop, letting you multitask or broaden your desktop.

3D Printing in wood, insects and clay - interesting new materials being used in 3D printers

Printing in clay - article discusses interesting new materials being used including wood and insects. Very earthy.

This design was done in such a manner so that all parts can be 3D printed without hassle or supports.

3D Printed Bionic Hand Skeleton

A printed bionic hand can be created easily and customized all with a printer!

3ders.org - Sciaky introduces patented IRISS Closed-Loop Control for its EBAM metal 3D printing process | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

The new IRISS Closed-Loop Control system, exclusively available for Sciaky's EBAM metal printing systems, provides extensive real-time monitoring and process data for large-scale metal printed parts.

Picture of Parts: Mechanics

Vulcanus V1 Reprap 3D-Printer 300€

Hello,In this instruction I will show you, how to make a very professionel printer with a low Bugdet of less than 16 Years old and I made everything.

Cheap Mother's Day Gifts - Mother's Day Gift Guide | Teen Vogue

29 Affordable Gift Ideas for Mother's Day That Will Make You Her Favorite Child

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