[Owen Jones: The Grammar of Ornament Tessellation related Photo plates from Owen Jones' 1853 classic book, "The Grammar of Ornament".

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Book: The grammar of ornament by Owen Jones. London, This image: Ornaments from Pottery at Marlborough House.

Dragonfly Treasure: Renaissance Design

Dragonfly Treasure: Renaissance Design

славянский орнамент, фрески

Gothic Ornament - 1856 Christopher Dressler - The Grammar of Ornament - must learn to doodle such lush flourishes

Persian Pottery Fayence (tin-glazed) plates and wall wainscot borders. "Both the invariably flat treatment of the ornament and the prevalence of the natural imitation of flowers constitute the characteristic style of Persian decoration.

Owen Jones, The Grammar of Ornament. In the 19th century, British architect Owen Jones traveled the earth making meticulous drawings of decorative ornamental motifs from every known culture, living or dead. In 1856 he published the results of his travels as "The Grammar of Ornament," to this day an unparalleled source of pan-ethnic decorative art.

Renaissance Ornament from Owen Jones The Grammar of Ornament,

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Owen Jones Design - "ILLUMINATED - No..1" - Chromo Lithogrpah - 1868

Owen Jones Design - "ILLUMINATED - No..1" - Chromo Lithogrpah - 1868