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Rhed Fawell - Collage

art and designe Rhed Fawell - Collage

Rhed Fawell "Bird Girl" Collage

Rhed Fawell "Bird Girl" Collage

Now that's an image

Now that's an image

Rhed Fawell - ‘Beyond’ - Collage 2016 #collage #collageart #rhed #rhedfawell #handmade #cutandpaste

Rhed Fawell - ‘Beyond’ - Collage 2016

use to represent a transition or emerging identity - possibly for transsexuality portrait?

Lincoln, Collage Art, by travis stearns.

Facebook Twitter Google  Pinterest StumbleUponWhen it comes to art, many of us enjoy the many sensual benefits that it has to offer but hesitate to take up any form of it as we feel that it is too tough. Many forms of art do require talent, skill, discipline, practice and lots of coaching to become good at it. However, having said that one cannot write off art as something that is too difficult to undertake. In fact, art for the senses and art for earning too is a concept that is catching up…

How To Make A Collage? Some Simple Tips

Idea of spilling one culture onto another - the European civilisation onto the Maori natural landscape collage

Franz Falckenhaus

The work of Polish graphic designer Franz Falckenhaus, illustrates perfectly my love for mixed media collage work. Combining vintage imagery with creative backgrounds tells whole story.


This is a collage by a student from Pasaje collage. I like the humorous aspect of this collage. I like the idea of playing with scale

★ ★ ★

A collage by graphic designer Ashley Joseph Edwards.

@aaaronmarin #collageart #collageartist #collagecollectiveco

@aaaronmarin #collageart #collageartist #collagecollectiveco

Sang d'encre by Sølve Sundsbø for Numero #highfashionphotography,

Sang d'encre by Sølve Sundsbø for Numero #highfashionphotography,

Dark Silence In Suburbia

Rhed Fawell ‘To a Child’ 2015 - Collage

Rhed Fawell ‘Masks’ 2015 - Collage

Rhed Fawell :: The Passenger Time series (collage)

Mixed Emotions, Mariah Llanes

A Digital Collage Depicting Mixed Emotions I Had by Mariah Llanes via & Robin - the many faces of a woman

Ashkan Honarvar.

Ashkan Honarvar.