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Eye-Openers: Why call them cooks when you can call them Tattooed Baryshnikovs?

oh my GOSH! @Kimi Beeson this is hilarious!!! hahahah takes me back to summer of 99 ;) or was it 2000? hahahaha im getting old....

Network Humor What Were They Thinking 13 Crazy Bacon Tattoos Tattoo Design

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Skin Deep - Hey, Mom, the Rabbi Approved My Tattoo - NYTimes.com  Some crack jokes, like the one on the back of Ari Bacharach’s neck: the word “Kosher” above a pig, an ironic statement about identity.

Hey, Mom, the Rabbi Approved My Tattoo

Minus flames and better artist, this could be cool...cooking tattoo chef Super Cool Tattoo

25 Creative and Cool Food Tattoo Designs

Custom Tattoo - Antalya — Another chef tattoo...

For all you tattoo and food lovers,compiled here are Minimalist and Cute Food Tattoos. Since small food tattoos occupy less space, try one for yourself.