Marilyn Monroe (American Actress) stereo typed as a dizzy blonde infuriated the actress in later years trying to receive more serious roles and even marrying an intellectual, Arthur Miller. An early death that seems to be under suspicious circumstance. Best roles The Seven Year Itch, Some Like It Hot, The Misfits . . .

Marilyn Monroe was the girl who sang to the president, the blonde bombshell men wanted and women wanted to be. She is now, the world's most famous sex symbol and feminist icon.

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Best 100 Marilyn Monroe Quotes: Marilyn Monroe is an American pop culture icon. Monroe was one of the most fascinating and marketable Hollywood actresses as well as America’s most famous sex symbol.

Marilyn Monroe posa durante as filmagens de uma das cenas mais famosas da história do cinema, sobre o respirador do metrô de Nova York na comédia 'O pecado mora ao lado' (1955), de Billy Wilder.

"Marilyn’s white halterneck dress from the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch is responsible for possibly the most iconic movie moment of all time.

Would love this picture for my room. She looks absolutely beautiful.

What a great picture of Marilyn! Makes her look like a beautiful girl next door instead of a glamourous Hollywood diva.

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Here she is wearing 17 different bangles effortlessly. | 17 Photos That Prove This 91-Year-Old Woman Dresses Better Than You  She is amazing!!

Fashion Icon Friday: Iris Apfel Iris Apfel is by far the most stylish 90 year old lady we can think of. A native New Yorker, she studied Art History at NYU. When she was younger, Iris worked for.

Vaikka on oikein tavoitella kuuta taivaalta, pitäisi myös muistaa olla kiitollinen elämän pienistä asioista.

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Austrian boy receiving new shoes after WWII. "New Shoes" by Gerald Waller, Austria Six year-old Werfel, living in an orphanage in Austria, hugs a new pair of shoes given to him by the American Red Cross. This photo was published by Life magazine.

Miss America 1924, Ruth Malcomson.

Möller Motor Car Company of Hagerstown, MD presented a 'Dagmar' luxury sedan to Ruth Malcomson, who won the Miss America title that year. Curvaceous fenders appeared on the Dagmar for the first time in the 1925 line—coincidence?

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Mabel The Chicken And The Puppies

A one-year-old hen has adopted a litter of puppies much to the bemusement of their canine mother. Mabel has taken to keeping the small dogs warm by snuggling up to them while their mother, Nettle, sits out in the yard at a farm

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Rachel Baran is an extraordinarily talented U.S.-based photographer who creates amazing surreal and conceptual portraits that thousands of people have fallen in love with. And she’s only 20 years old.

Powerful and Surreal Self Portraits by 20-Year-Old Rachel Baran

Rachel Baran is an extraordinarily talented photographer who creates amazing surreal and conceptual portraits that thousands of people have fallen in love with. And she's only 20 years old. Some of her images are dark, introverted and full of suffering, w