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Harajuku street fashion | Dolly Kei

Dolly Kei: onde a irreverência e o folclórico se encontram em uma moda só

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Pictures of Grimoire Shibuya, a Tokyo fashion boutique that has become the center of the Japanese Dolly-kei scene.

Happy Birthday (04/15) to Hitomi Nomura, the visionary behind Tokyo’s Grimoire Boutique, and the Japanese dolly kei subculture.

tokyo-fashion: Hitomi Nomura’s amazing Dolly Kei hairstyle at the Grimoire Tokyo Anniversary Party.

A bit more Dolly kei

I think that Heri should open a school of some sort, where she could teach us all how to dress.

Dearest Possession

Dolly kei (or dolly style/fashion) and Cult Party Kei are both japanese fashion inspired by vintage, used clothes of eastern Europe, fairy tales and others whimsical things.

For Older Dolly Kei and Cult Party Kei Styles

For Older Dolly Kei and Cult Party Kei Styles

This journal belongs to Brittany. I am an eclectic mixture of Mori-girl, Grimoire and Library-chic. I have a rabbit heart and am buried in books.

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Think "young girl from the Middle Ages, who lives in mystical shack in the forest, surrounded by antiques and dolls.