Pin for Later: 44 Times Jared Padalecki's Face Was Supernatural In Conclusion, This Is You at All Times

In Conclusion, This Is You at All Times

In Conclusion, This Is You at All Times- 44 times Jared Padalecki was Supernatural. ( I know the caption says his face, but really, it is the whole package, right?

Jared and Tom Padalecki - like father like son

I literally see no difference. Now show me a side-by-side of Gilmore Girls Jared and Tom.

Jared and Gen. Brother's Grim Fairy Tales.

Genevieve holding a Book of Fairy Tales Brothers Grimm @ her Shower Jared by her Side

"Dean talk to me." He wanted to grab my hand. I could tell by the way his hand kept twitching, but he was hesitant. Like he was afraid he'd hurt me. He explained how he tortured people. I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him into me and hugged him tight. He buried his face in my shoulder and his arms were around my back. I felt his shoulders shaking. I stroked the back of his hair trying not to break down myself, "Dean, I don't care what happened. I know you'd never hurt me I love you."

It turns out that you had actually died while he was gone and he actually did torture you but you were afraid to tell gim(sorry if this is in it I didn't read all do it)

"After School Special" - Colin Ford as Young Sam in SUPERNATURAL on The CW. Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW©2008 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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