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Designer Sylvain Viau Imagines the Hover Cars We Were Promised

Always dreamed of just going up and over rush hour traffic in your flying car? So have we. Here are a few of our favorite options.

It's 2012, so where's my flying car? (photos

I WANT MY FLYING CAR! The Honda Fuzo prototype is an ideal personal flying car. Four turbines propel the vehicle, which is in theory capable of speeds of up to 400 mph.

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hover by meandmygun on DeviantArt

hover by meandmygun on DeviantArt

Hover Car - Corsair


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3d game model Aircar “Hover Limo” by derugin.s

game model Aircar “Hover Limo” by derugin.

Syndicate concept

SYNDICATE concept - hover car red by torvenius on DeviantArt

Vintage Cars Transformed into Hovering Space Vehicles