Puzzle / Amazing tattoo

A mermaid tattoo. Maybe ripped skin w/ scales instead of a puzzle piece. Awesome idea I'm doing this

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

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“placidiappunti:  Ma i nostri posteri saranno così?  ”

Ma i nostri posteri saranno così

Is this a peak into the future ? - Barcodes for ID and USB quick connection even more vital than it is now ? - George Orwell predicted our future and most of the detrimental 'improvements ' he mentioned are here now!

Chooo San's great body art make up

VIN + OMI on

It is hard to believe, but the author of these unusual patterns of body art is a nineteen-year student from Japan, known as Chooo-San. Her work is amazing simplicity, unexpected ideas, and detailed execution. Intimidating Body Art Of Chooo-San Photos)

Teachers could really have eyes in the back of their head.  Eye tattoo by John Anderton. #tatts #inked #tattoo www.nemesistattoo.co.uk

Head Tattoos - Eye Tattoo - Best Tattoos Ever - Tattoo by John Anderton - 07

Chronic ink Tattoos, Toronto Tattoo - A little steam punk-ish piece, by Tristen.

Father And Son Tattoo Ideas

Top 10 Tattoo Fails of 2014 and Beyond #8 | American Live Wire | American News

Funny pictures about Not a real pen. Oh, and cool pics about Not a real pen. Also, Not a real pen.

50 Funny Tattoos that will Make You Smile

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Word Tattoos - I love this and hats off to this person who lost her toe and still has a sense of humour about it. My first thought: I feel sorry for this person because flip flops would be really be hard to wear without a big toe 😳

The cool freakin tattoo every!!!! It would entertain me all day

Funny pictures about Trampoline hand tattoo. Oh, and cool pics about Trampoline hand tattoo. Also, Trampoline hand tattoo.