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Beautiful shot with reflection off the water on the side of the Yacht!

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Most Expensive & Luxurious Yachts in the World. Discover the latest trends on yachting, boating, sailing and how much world's richest spend on theirs!

Tried sailing... loooove it!

Been Sailing al my life . Nothing more peaceful or beautiful in this world, I love this Hunter Sailboat!

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Life is a song - I sing it. Life is a game - I play it. Life is a challenge - I meet it. Life is a dream - I realize it. Life is a sacrifice - I offer it. My life is love - I enjoy it!

.someday I will live on a sailboat

Ketch Adele The sheer size of the Pacific is sometimes difficult to comprehend for those who have not experienced this vast ocean. The absorption of some simple facts might help - it’s larger than the Atlantic and Indian Ocean combined, larger than

..sail....home is where the boat is

As a backup plan I would love to drive a ship/boat. This will take me on many adventures expanding the sea. This would be a great learning experience and find extraordinary sea creatures & things on the way.

เตรียมพบกับมหาสมุทรหัวหิน ทะเลสาบน้ำใสสีฟ้าขนาดมหึมากว่า 45 ไร่ เปิดใหม่กลางปีนี้

The Crystal Lagoon, located at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile, is the worlds largest outdoor pool, stretching more than half of a mile and filled with 66 million gallons of water. beaches-other

hello sailing friends, how are you.  I still miss each and every moment with all of you -- some more than others.

It has always been my dream to own and sail on a sailboat. This is my dream boat