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nativeamericannews: “Native American art and culture is a hugely diverse field. While non-Natives often conflate the various Native nations, it should be remembered that there has always been and.

Alors que les américains se déplaçaient de plus en plus vers l’ouest des Etats-Unis dans les années 1800 la chasse au bison s’est développé dans des proportions extrêmes, non seulement sa viande et sa fourrure se vendaientpour un bon prix mais le gouvernement encourageait son abattage comme un moyen de déplacer et affamer les …

L'extermination du bison américain

Buffalo would be slaughtered from the passenger trains as sport. Train companies offered tourist the chance to shoot from the windows as the train moved along the railroad tracts leaving the dead buffalo to rot.

Naiche ca 1886

Chief Naiche, son of Cochise, Chiricahua Apache from Arizona. Photo taken at Fort Sam Houston, Sept.

Crow scout by L.A. Huffman, 1881 these pictures make me sad but no one alive today took part in the brutal conquest of the First people's land. Time for some appreciation and help for a culture with much wisdom to offer....

Huffman Photography: Crow Warrior named Sits Down Spotted, Fort Keogh, Montana Territory.

Native American Actors | ... Greene- actor- Dances with Wolves | Native American /First Nat

Graham Greene was born in 1953 on the Six Nations Reserve, Ontario, Canada. He acted as Kicking Bird in "Dances with Wolves". one of my favorite actors in one of my favorite movies.A full-blooded Oneida.